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This is Chinese dragon whiskers candy. You've never seen honey look like this Nathalie Basha

WATCH|  Take a look at this traditional Chinese candy, called dragon whiskers. We bet you've never seen honey like this before!

Alex Goh makes this candy in his restaurant, Yummy Chinese Cuisine, in South El Monte, Calif. Dragon whiskers is such a hit with the community, Alex says there are often lines and so many orders he can't fill them fast enough. 

The candy's centuries-old recipe starts with boiling the honey for seven hours, until the honey has lost all its moisture and turned into a malleable ball. Then, Alex starts wrapping the honey in strands around his hand. 

The trick to that hair-like texture is to keep twisting and stretching the honey while constantly dipping it in cornstarch. Alex stretches and twists the honey at least 15 times, each time making the honey thinner and longer. 

This is what the honey looks like when it's ready to be filled (SO cool!)

Then, Alex wraps the honey strands around a filling of savory chopped peanuts and black sesame seeds. The end result looks like silk worm cocoons and tastes delicate and melty and chewy all at once. We're kinda hooked now.