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These unicorn milkshakes pre-date the Starbucks frappuccino... and they're prettier by Nathalie Basha

WATCH |  Caked LA has been serving these colorful unicorn milkshakes from their Chino Hills location long before Starbucks dropped their unicorn frappuccino earlier this year. They've been dominating the Instagram food scene...because....just look at them!

Caked LA has the unicorn theme down. There are unicorn cakes and several unicorn milkshakes on the menu, and all are extremely popular.

This is the classic unicorn milkshake. It's strawberry flavored, blended with vanilla ice cream, banana, milk, and topped with nearly every colorful candy under the rainbow.

Then there's this one. The dirty monster unicorn! Dirty, because it has crushed Oreos mixed into the milkshake, then sprinkled on top and garnished with an extra whole cookie. And yes, these taste as delicious as they look.

The colors! The candy! Gah!

Definitely one of those treats that make you feel like a kid again. can do it for the gram.  ;)

Here's another Instagram dominating delicious food item: the Naughty Churro, a poo-emoji pile of churro goodness.