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These puking pokebuns make it totally OK to play with your food. Sorry mom. by Nathalie Basha

WATCH |  Puking pokebuns make it way too fun to break the cardinal don't-play-with-your-food rule. We're just going to go ahead and apologize to all moms in advance.

Rules were made to be broken, people.

Mint Leaf in Westminster, CA, serves up these pokebuns. The addition of the googly eyes turns the  standard buns into characters with faces and personalities. First, you poke a hole....

...and then you SMASH! Out comes a sweet egg yolk custard that makes it look like the pokebuns are puking {lol}. 


Warning: you'll want to smush all the pokebuns. But don't forget to actually eat them, because they're delicious. Both the filling and the bread are sweet. 

Check out Mint Leaf's Instagram page for more poke-fun. 

And here's another video to encourage playing with your food: floating noodles. You're welcome.