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Austin's Prohibition Creamery makes indulgent desserts from ice cream and alcoholby Amber Genuske

WATCH: Laura Aidan opened Prohibition Creamery in Austin, Texas to combine two of her favorite indulgences: ice cream and alcohol.

Like the cheeky name implies, Prohibition offers a menu of boozy ice creams and milkshakes, as well as a full bar and non-alcoholic ice creams. 

Aidan makes everything from scratch, allowing her to toy with the ingredient proportions. This is vital -- boozy ice cream is difficult to work with, due to alcohol's low freezing temperature. 

"I was joking around to the kitchen that we should put 'mathletes' on the kitchen door because we're crunching all of these numbers all the time."

Laura Aidan, owner of Prohibition Creamer

Creating boozy ice cream is a delicate chemical balance between fats, sugars and proteins. Because of this, Aidan's days are actually full of math and science. Luckily, she has a background in computer science and was a developer before opening the shop, so it was a natural transition. 

Some of her favorites? The sangria sorbet paired with bubbles and the triple bourbon shake which has their signature bourbon ice cream, an extra shot of bourbon and homemade bourbon whipped cream.

Aidan said the alcohol content of the ice creams vary but that the milkshakes are equivalent to one alcoholic beverage. Meaning, it'll get you tipsy, but probably not drunk.

Circa also went to Tipsy Scoop in New York City to get a taste of their frozen boozy concoctions. 

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