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Witness the nation's first pizza ATM, the pinnacle of human achievement by Shaun Mir

Instead of withdrawing cash, this ATM delivers freshly-made, baked pizza pies. 

Students at Xavier University in Ohio are experiencing the country's first ever Pizza ATM. Designed and built by the European company, Paline, Pizza ATM can deliver a fresh pie within 3 minutes of ordering. 

The pizzas are made fresh daily by the staff at Hoff Dining Commons. In 2013, the dining facility was awarded a Gold award by the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) annual competition.  So it looks like students are getting the benefits of the unique delivery service and tasty pizzas.   

The Pizza ATM is also sold primarily to existing pizzerias, allowing customers 24/7 access to their favorite pies and also boosting sales for those companies participating. 

Some features of the Pizza ATM include a temperature controlled refrigeration unit and a 27'' touch screen. The machine also has an internal 500 degree oven that can load up to 70 pizza pies at a time.

The final product... Mmmm, check out that smell-o-vision.