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Pankobunny combines Japanese and Western cooking, and the result is 'edible cuteness'by Taylor Holland

WATCH | Cayla Gallagher combined her love of Japanese culture with her hobby of cooking and baking to create a YouTube channel full of "edible cuteness."

Gallagher was halfway through her master's degree in Japanese translation when she decided to start her YouTube channel called "pankobunny." After three years, she's developed an expansive audience through social media.  

She often includes Japanese subtitles in her videos to appeal to a wider audience. "I find it incredibly fulfilling when I receive comments from Japanese viewers and am able to respond back to them in Japanese," Gallagher said. 

Gallagher posts videos weekly to her pankobunny channel.  She likes to do "theme weeks" featuring recipes that coincide with certain times of the year. She recently did a week full of cute Easter related recipes.   

Every December, Gallagher does a holiday celebration series called "Cookmas" with a different recipe every day from December 1 through Christmas. This KFC Drumstick Cakes video was part of last year's "Cookmas." 

"KFC on Christmas [in Japan] is actually quite common and people are encouraged to pre-order their Christmas chicken dinners as early as November," Gallagher said.  She thought it would be a fun way to share something unique about Japanese culture with her viewers.  

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