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New Zealand's Prime Minister likes spaghetti on his pizza. What's next, kiwi?by Circa News

Pizza toppings can get pretty offensive and lately there seems to be no shortage of crazy cheesy combos.

The latest offense came earlier this week when New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English posted several photos of a canned spaghetti, pineapple and ham-filled pizza he cooked for his family for dinner.

Let's just way, the Internet did not handle it well.

"I think you should resign or at least apologize with Italy for this abomination!," one user commented under the above photo.

"I'd be surprised if Italy doesn't declare war against us for this," another wrote.

To be fair, not everyone is against English's creation.

"Don't listen to those haters," one user commented, adding "spaghetti, bacon,pineapple,onion cheese pizza is a favorite in our household."

"Unpopular opinion: I would eat Bill English's pizza and enjoy every bite."