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This Brooklyn restaurant is the world's first live broadcast performance restaurantby Colleen Brennan

Joe Barbour, owner, said he got his inspiration for the restaurant in 1998 when The Truman Show was released. Due to the limitations of live broadcasting, Barbour waited until he had the right opportunity. LOA Brooklyn has a weekly schedule of comedians, musicians and live podcasts. All shows can be viewed via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Periscope.

LOA has a 'sound booth' stage for filming most acts, however, cameras are set up in the kitchen and on the bar, too. Barbour has the capability to switch between cameras during each livestream. A 65 inch television and two smaller televisions are placed throughout the bar for customers to watch. 

LOA serves traditional Louisiana cuisine for lunch, dinner and brunch.

Live On Air also goes by the name 'L.O.A.,' a type of Louisiana voodoo spirits. 

Barbour has been involved with the restaurant and nightlife industry for over a decade. He lived in Las Vegas and San Diego for 12 years, then decided to come back to the area where he grew up to work on his newest project. 

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