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This matcha and red bean snow bowl in LA will make you think you've transported to Seoulby Nathalie Basha

WATCH |This uber-traditional South Korean treat is as tasty as it is beautiful and unique. That's a shaved ice snow bowl, drenched in sweet matcha, and topped with classic red bean porridge. The flavors are quintessentially Korean and Asian. 

There are tons of places around LA's famed Koreatown that serve sweet treats, but Okrumong is known for this snow bowl, in particular. 

Their most popular  is the matcha green tea flavor. It's made with a matcha/condensed milk syrup that turns the white frost into a slightly sweet, brilliantly green snow bowl. 

And then, there's the red bean porridge inside and on top. It's about as classic an Asian dessert flavor as it gets. It tastes like beans but with just a hint of sweetness. (If you've never tried red bean, I highly recommend it.)

And it's topped with another very classic Asian food item: mochi. These are coconut mochi balls, which add yet another layer of texture and flavor to the snow bowl.

Check this one out - it's a sesame snow bowl that "will tingle your tastebuds!" 

The whole flavor profile is subtle, sweet, and refreshing. The bowl at Okrumong is so tasty, one could easily forget their not actually at some cafe in Seoul. 

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