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The 'honey toast' dessert treat at Seattle's HardWok Cafe is a unique taste of Taiwanby Jean-Sun Ahn

WATCH  | Think toast only goes with breakfast? Not at HardWok Cafe, a Taiwanese restaurant in Seattle, Wash., that has imported an extraordinary, decadent dessert called "honey toast" from Taiwan and given it a unique American touch.

'Honey Toast' 

HardWok Cafe came about with this fabulous honey toast vision when co-owner Raitchell Chen saw the honey toast dessert in Taiwan and re-created it for her friends and family when she got back to the states. 

They urged her to open a dessert shop and serve authentic Taiwanese desserts, which led to the opening of HardWok Cafe. Chen and her co-owner had initially opened HardWok Cafe as a dessert shop but eventually decided to serve Taiwanese food as well. 

HardWok Cafe

HardWok Cafe is one of the first restaurants to bring honey toast to the Seattle area. The scrumptious dessert consists of a thick loaf of bread, sliced open and cut into small squares. It is then filled with ice cream, fruit, and chocolate to create a mouthwatering dessert. 

So many different flavors 

You can choose from an array of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate banana, matcha red bean, green tea and caramel. 

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While it may not be the healthiest way to start the new year, it was every bit as delicious and sweet as you could imagine. If you search for HardWok Cafe on Instagram, you'll find colorful images of the restaurant's dishes.