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Tacos? Yum. Ice cream? Yep. Put them together and you've got a snack folks line up Nathalie Basha

WATCH  |Tacos and ice cream is such a simple, no-brainer combination. Watch the people at Cream Nation in the Southern California city of Northridge make this food-mashup heaven. 

The secret starts with the waffle taco shells, which are made fresh every day and for every order. They're made with a mix of fragrant spices, which makes the whole store smell like a slice of holiday heaven.

Three scoops and two toppings later, done. These sweet little tacos are so popular, people literally line up for them down the street. 

How can you not want to dive into this tray of taco ice cream deliciousness? Talk about eating your dessert before dinner!

WATCH  | Can't get to Northridge for an ice cream taco? You might be able to find a Choco Taco in the freezer section of your neighborhood Kwik E Mart. Learn more about the inventor.