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This Chicago restaurant takes the art of sushi to a graffiti-inspired next levelby Circa News

WATCH  | Sushi is often associated with the aesthetics of art. But Yuzu restaurant in Chicago takes the artistic approach to a whole other level with their graffiti styled sushi presentations. 

Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill in Chicago has several dishes that play on the aesthetics of graffiti. 

Chef Toby and his team inspire each other when making new designs for sushi roll dishes and they agree by committee which dish looks the most "unique" before finalizing the dish. 

The different colored sauces are made from ingredients like regular mayo, wasabi mayo, spicy smoked mayo, unagi sauce, jalapeƱo mayo and sweet sesame soy sauce. 

One of the whimsical designs. 

Look how pretty all that sushi art is -- we're starry-eyed over here. 

Chef Toby, the main chef behind the team responsible for the wildly imaginative designs at Yuzu.

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