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Forget pepperoni, this Flamin' Hot Cheetos Pizza is a best-sellerby Taylor Holland

WATCH: Ameci Pizza Kitchen in Los Angeles has created the perfect pizza for Flamin' Hot Cheetos lovers.  

Hayk Igraryan owns two different Ameci Pizza locations in the Los Angeles area. One in Burbank and the one featured here is in Glendale, CA.  It was his idea to spice up the menu by creating this Hot Cheetos Pizza.

Igraryan told Circa that it took some experimenting to find the best result.  The first few pizzas were baked in the oven with Hot Cheetos already on top, but that caused the cheetos to become stale quickly.  

The final method combines a mixture of crushed up Hot Cheetos baked into the cheese with a pile of whole cheetos added on top after the pie is out of the oven.  This pizza has only been around since October 2016.

According to Igraryan, the Glendale location has already sold upwards of 2,000 Hot Cheetos Pizzas!  It's safe to say that it's a popular item in L.A.