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Dragon fruit bowl is hot pink, healthy and just what you need after the holidaysby Ariel Min

WATCH | If you're looking for a healthy alternative to your usual dessert of ice cream or pastries, look no further. Not only is the dragon fruit bowl a dazzler with its natural color (hot pink!) but it's also sweet, creamy and rich in flavor. 

Brooklyn cafe baba cool introduced the dessert to crowds that gathered for Dessert Goals -- New York City's first dessert festival -- in October. 

Dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) is indigenous to South and Central America but now grown all over the globe. It's packed with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. 

The dragon fruit bowl starts with dragon fruit paste, coconut or almond milk and other fruits like bananas and mango. It's topped with chia seeds, sunflower seeds, bee pollen, cocoa nibs and edible pansies. 

The smoothie bowl is also a popular breakfast option around the world.