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This cookie-dough egg roll is pure molten deliciousnessby Chris Serico

WATCH  | When you think about egg rolls, you probably don't associate them with cookie dough and ice cream -- but don't let that stop you from enjoying pure molten deliciousness.

A signature dessert at Jackson's Bar and Bistro in Nashville, Tenn., the cookie-dough egg roll was invented by restaurateur Tom Shaffer. Seeking a delivery method for "molten" cookie dough, he nixed trials that baked it (that took too long) and methods that flash-fried the sweet stuff in tortillas (the texture wasn't quite right).

When he realized egg rolls stand up to intense heat, he found the combo he'd been searching for. He topped off that "crispness with the molten center" with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, and served it with a spoon and a steak knife.

Laughing, he recalled, "People asked: 'What were you smoking when you came up with this?'"

One fan tweeted that the dish is "quite possibly the best thing that's ever been in my mouth."

Shaffer said the $7 dessert has "paid a lot of lighting bills and never come off the menu."

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