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Someone made Cap N' Crunch pancakes and it's the best thing to happen to breakfastby Nathalie Basha

WATCH |This needs no introduction at all. Behold pancakes topped with Cap N' Crunch, and a sweet sweet twist at the end. 

This delicious mashup is thanks to Eating House in Coral Gables, Miami. Their chef wanted to pay homage to his favorite breakfast cereal, and what better way than with pancakes? 

The staff at Eating House says this is hands down their most popular item, and it draws crowds from all over Florida. It's only served during Sunday brunch, so the place gets pretty packed with Cap N' Crunch lovers lining up. 

The magic little twist is the condensed milk they use instead of regular maple syrup, which makes these pancakes incredibly sweet and milky, just like a real bowl of Cap N' Crunch cereal. 

Bring your stretchy pants, folks.