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California Sushi Donuts adds to the latest food craze with a build-your-own-style menuby Taylor Holland

WATCH | If you're a fan of sushi, then this video will certainly give you a craving for it.  

California Sushi Donuts is a pop-up restaurant that serves its glazed creations at food festivals across Southern California.  

Co-founder Anthony Evan was preparing food alongside fine dining chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Rick Bayless before he had the idea to create his own niche in the food industry.  Evan said he and his business partner "wanted to fill a void in the food festival pop-up scene by introducing an interactive way to get our consumers engaged with us and have them excited about our food."  The build-your-own-style menu at California Sushi Donuts allows his patrons to do just that.

California Sushi Donuts has only been around for one year, but they hope to keep expanding as the popularity for sushi donuts continues to grow.