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These designer hospital gowns aren't just amazing. They inspire 'empowerment' in Chris Serico

WATCH | When a charity teamed up with designers to create fashionable hospital gowns for teens, one child "saw empowerment in teenagers in a place where they don't have any."

The charity provides designers with a hospital-gown template and other instructions. Using machine-washable fabrics and accounting for patients’ comfort and mobility, designers do the rest.

Izzy Camilleri says her Ward+Robes work "means so much more" than designing for celebs.

She should know. She created a signature look for Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Camo, goth and preppy gowns are just a few of the styles in play.

This gown lets me be who I am outside the hospital.

Recipient of a Ward+Robes designer hospital gown

And the designer hospital gowns aren't just beautiful. According to their young recipients, they're downright inspiring.