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These 'armored' leggings could make you feel like a knight at the round table by Shaun Mir

WATCH | Want to "slay at life" while doing your regular routine? Designer Elena Hutchinson (Elie) of Falls Church, VA created the brand Lorica Clothing just for that. They're "armored leggings" designed for the modern fantasy nerd. 

The Kickstarter campaign is still in its run and has raised a tremendous $90,000, which is $80,000 more than the original goal. Stretch goals include a bikini-styled armor bathing suit and a chainmail t-shirt for men. 

The clothing is made from "14% spandex and 86% recycled yarns derived from plastic bottles." So looks like you can get your sweat on while feeling good about your eco-friendly purchase. 

A side by side comparison between the real-life armor worn by Sir James Scudamore (1568-1619), a gentleman usher at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. 

The leggings in motion. 

Elie displaying the King Henry VIII leggings at Pax East in Boston.