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John Varvatos' bold cheetah prints and 'rebel spirit' cap New York Fashion Week: Men'sby Chris Serico

WATCH | With a Thursday-night unveiling of a new spring collection called "Wild at Heart," designer John Varvatos presented rock-star looks that he said capture a "rebel spirit" to cap New York Fashion Week: Men's.

'There's this wild side'

"This last spring season, we did a show that we called the Urban Romantic, and it’s about a young guy who is very much in the modern world," Varvatos told Circa before Thursday's runway show. "This season we felt like looking at that guy, who we love and is our muse. We thought there’s another side of him as well, that there’s this wild side. He wants to express himself in a different way. And, so, we were more adventurous in that way this season as well, in terms of more exotic type of fabrics, finishes, silhouettes, and so on and so forth."

Cheetah prints were symbolic of a larger philosophy. "We talk about, in our company, being the rebel spirit, in terms of what drives us," he added. "In these times [that means] having your own voice, pushing the walls out [and] really being heard."

Punk famously influences his fashion, thanks to his lifelong appreciation for Iggy Pop.

Varvatos said that attitude is key, especially given "what's going on politically right now."