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This designer wants to prove that fashion can be a superpowerby Colleen Brennan

WATCH |This designer wants to prove that fashion can be a superpower

Coterie is the annual fashion trade show for buyers and designers held in New York.

At Coterie, we spoke to Amanda Mehl, designer, about her brand AMHEL and her latest collection, "Night School." She uses bold patterns, sleek lines and graphics to represent superheroes in her collection. The clothing gives the wearers power to 'own the night' and 'kick butt.'

I'm a pretty shy person, so I use clothes as a tool. When I'm at a party and people are complimenting me, I feel like its a weapon or power.

Amanda Mehl, designer

Mehl feels that fashion can give people confidence and make them feel good about themselves.

The AMEHL debut fashion show  recently took place on a school bus. Models walked along the bus aisle as onlookers sat in passenger seats.

Be on the lookout for AMEHL, the brand is set to start selling pieces worldwide this Spring.