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Can you guess what next fall's biggest fashion trend will be? Hint: It's fake. by Circa Fashion

WATCH| At Coterie, an international fashion exhibition in New York, there seemed to be a unanimous decision on what the next big trend will be for the upcoming fall and winter season: Fur. 

Faux fur, to be exact. 

So what's the big deal with faux fur? 

"It's a statement," said Ammar Bazwi, who owns a Japanese boutique brand Adonisis. "And if you touch it, it seems like literally real."

Many brands at Coterie New York showed off their faux fur items for fall 2017, including heels with faux fur, vests and faux fur coats with vibrant colors and color blocks. 

"The idea is really pop, fun colors and prints. You can really take a fur and make a basic outfit really well," said Danielle Licata, the vice president and general manager of Coterie. Licata says she's been seeing vendors introduce a new kind of fur coat.

"It's not your grandmother's fur coat anymore. They're very youthful."

Faux fur coats can pair well with a casual outfit. 

Patterns are also in this season.