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Students from Pace University in NYC rallied all weekend in support of Planned Parenthoodby Circa Campus

WATCH|  Planned Parenthood supporters from Pace University rallied all weekend in response to anti-abortion protests in Washington Square Park, New York City.

Circa Campus Contributor:  GenFKD|  Craig Thorogood

Protesting on the weekend has become the norm since President Donald Trump got into office.   American students across the country have taken to the streets to voice their opinion against the administration's agenda every week since the inauguration.

But Saturday,  groups protested against something Republicans have long called for -- defunding the non-profit health organization Planned Parenthood.  

Circa Campus was there as hundreds came out, including elected officials, asking the crowd to come out in support of more rallies.  Efforts many hope will preserve a call to equal healthcare access for all.

THROWBACK| Last weekend LGBTQ community came out in huge numbers to denounce the Trump administration and promote equal rights.  

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