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Boozy ice cream that will actually make you tipsyby Ariel Min

What if you could infuse beer, wine, bourbon, tequila and other types of liquor in your favorite ice cream? 

That's exactly what Melissa Tavss thought of when she founded her own ice cream business, Tipsy Scoop

Don't dessert and drive

The ice cream business runs deep in the Tavss family history, but she says she was the first one to experiment with recipes for ice cream that would hold enough alcohol to make you tipsy. Every flavor is five percent alcohol by volume.

"If you eat a cup or two on an empty stomach, you might feel it a little bit," Tavss said. 

Salted caramel infused with whiskey

Most of the Tipsy Scoop's ice cream flavors are inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails.

One of the most popular flavor is the dark chocolate ice cream with salted caramel infused with whiskey, which was actually the first flavor Tavss came up with.

"We do a lot of catering and events," Tavss said. "That's essentially how I started the business -- we have a pushcart that we wheel all over the city and the Hamptons in the summer." 

Tipsy Scoop currently has more than 12 flavors available. 

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