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Trump and the Patriots teamed up to criticize NYT coverage of the White House visitby Circa News

After the New England Patriots visited the White House on Wednesday to celebrate their Super Bowl win, the team called out what it called misleading photos from The New York Times. Now President Trump has weighed in. 

Trump is a personal friend of both Tom Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He has also repeatedly criticized the Times for what he calls unfair and biased coverage.

Here's his tweet on the recent controversy.

Here's the NYT tweet that started the controversy.

The Patriots responded with a fact check.

According to Patriots spokesperson Stacey James, roughly 34 players attended Trump's White House celebrations. That's a similar turnout to President George W. Bush's Super Bowl party in 2004 and 2005. 

However, James contended that the size of the delegation has roughly stayed more or less the same for each trip to the White House, but some ceremonies included support staff, making the turnout look bigger.

The Times later sent out an updated tweet to clarify the numbers.

Even those who did not attend did not all do so for political reasons (though some did). Brady skipped the ceremony for a "family matter," and wide receiver Danny Amendola had a funeral to attend.

Trump thanked the team for its visit from his official @POTUS account.

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