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The US Coast Guard confiscated 18.5 tons of cocaine in the eastern Pacific by Circa News

The U.S. Coast Guard unloaded 18.5 tons of cocaine in South Florida after confiscating $500 million worth of the drug in 20 separate seizures in the eastern Pacific Ocean, according to the Associated Press. 

Authorities said the cocaine was intercepted along the Central and South American coasts.

WATCH | Military officials address the unloading of 18.5 tons of cocaine.

The eastern Pacific is a prime smuggling route for cocaine headed to Mexico, where it's typically brought into the US. As a result of the operations, several suspected smugglers are being prosecuted by U.S, attorneys in California and along the East Coast.

The unloading of the drug on U.S. soil occurred the same day as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and President Trump renewed a pledge to crack down on rampant cocaine production.

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