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Monica Crowley's book is being pulled from shelves after accusations of plagiarismby Mike Denison

Monica Crowley, recently named to a national security communications role in the incoming Donald Trump administration, was accused of plagiarism by CNN last weekend.

On Tuesday, Crowley's book, "What the (Bleep) Just Happened" was pulled from shelves, CNN reported. 

Publisher Harper Collins told CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski the book "will no longer be offered for purchase" until it is revised.

Here's a snippet of Harper Collins' statement.

The report says that Crowley plagiarized from a number of sources, copying from news articles, columnists, think tanks and Wikipedia with little to no changes. 

Trump's transition team called allegations of plagiarism "nothing more than a politically motivated attack."

Politico later found Crowley also plagiarized her Ph.D. dissertation from Columbia University.

Here's an example of the alleged plagiarism.

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