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This board game could become the most-funded Kickstarter campaign everby Mike Denison

Kickstarter has hosted many smash hit projects: the Pebble Time smart watch, thecard game Exploding Kittens, the long-anticipated video game Shenmue 3.

But a board game is on pace to out-earn them all. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, made by game designer Adam Poots, earned more than $5 million over the holiday weekend and is on pace to earn $50 million overall, according to Kicktraq, which tracks Kickstarter campaigns. 

The Pebble Time is currently the best-funded Kickstarter, at $20 million. 

What even is this game?

Kingdom Death 1.5: Monster is an expansion for Kingdom Death: Monster, a board game that was also funded on Kickstarter

It's a horror-themed board game in which heroes fight for survival while monsters move and attack based on in-game cards involving many highly detailed game figures, some of which are notoriously inappropriate for small children (the art on the game's website, in particular, is highly NSFW).

WATCH  | Here's a playthrough of the game by video game reviewer Board Game Brawl.

Here's a look at a relatively tame game piece.

So why did it raise $5 million?

The production value of the first game far outpaces many other board games, even as the board game industry enjoys a resurgence in popularity. But considering backers for the original game had to pitch at least $85 to even get the game, that may not be a surprise. 

But even though the sequel far outpaced its funding goal, it's not expected to be released until 2020. Only 5,000 people backed the Kickstarter for the original game in 2013, and only those backers have gotten their hands on it so far.

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