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Since everyone else is getting a March on Washington, the Juggalos want in by Mike Denison

Marches on Washington are all the rage. There was the Women's March. Scientists are planning their own. And now, so are the Juggalos.

The hip-hop duo of Joseph "Violent J" Bruce and Joseph "Shaggy 2 Dope" Utler is protesting the FBI's categorization of the group's fans as a "loosely organized hybrid gang" with a "Juggalo March on Washington" on Sept. 16, 2017.

Juggalos have been listed as a gang since 2011. The group sued the FBI in 2014 over the classification.

"We tried to use the American judicial system to achieve justice and we be sure, this is NOT a party."

Juggalo March website

The Juggalos seem to be taking the event seriously.

Juggalos have been unfairly stigmatized and discriminated against simply for identifying as being part of a particular music-based subculture," the site reads. "... If you’re not serious about being there, just stay home.”

"All we're trying to do is be like the Stephen King of music. We like to tell horror stories."

Violent J, to Rolling Stone in 2014

ICP will also host a concert featuring 2 Live Crew and Vanilla Ice, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The group insists it's not as violent as its cartoonishly violent lyrics imply (look up the lyrics to "I Stab People" sometime) but is merely misunderstood.

The FBI crime report had a less rosy view of the group and its fans, saying Juggalos were prone to mostly petty crime. But some groups were organizing more effectively and carrying out more serious crimes, according to the report.

The site launched recently, but the march's existence seems to be common Juggalo knowledge.

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