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350,000 people who worked with Herbalife got paid after John Oliver called them outby Mike Denison

The Federal Trade Commission is sending checks to nearly 350,000 people who were previously involved in Herbalife's multi-level marketing business, according to a Tuesday press release.

Last July, Herbalife was required to pay $200 million and fundamentally reshape its business model. It paid people based on how many of its nutrition and personal-care products they had sold, but some accused of it of operating like a pyramid scheme, which prompted an investigation in 2014.

WATCH | John Oliver blasted Herbalife in a "Last Week Tonight" segment on multi-level marketing in November. He starts specifically calling out Herbalife at 10:35. 

"This is a win for consumers."

Jessica Rich, FTC

The checks were partial refunds for those who ran a Herbalife business between 2009 and 2015 and paid at least $1,000 to Herbalife but got little to nothing in return. Most checks ranged from $100 to $500, and some were more than $9,000, the FTC said. 

It also released guidelines to avoid being caught in another multi-level marketing company.

The FTC broke it down in graphic form.