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Most Americans want a special prosecutor for Russia investigationby Circa News

As the Trump administration faces more allegations of ties to Russia, a majority of Americans think a special prosecutor should be brought in to find the truth.

However, President Trump's approval rating was largely untouched in February despite the swirling Russia scandal,  according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday.

While Democrats are more likely to favor a special prosecutor over letting Congress investigate, 43 percent of Republicans surveyed agreed.

By the numbers

  • 65 percent of Americans would rather see a special prosecutor on Russia than leaving it to Congress
  • 82 percent of Democrats want a special prosecutor, as do 67 percent of independent voters and 43 percent of Republicans
  • 34 percent of respondents call Russia a "very serious" threat, compared to 21 percent last May
  • Republicans were once more likely to call Russia a serious threat. Now, Democrats are about twice as likely to say so.
  • Trump's approval rating ticked up slightly from 44 percent to 45 percent in February.

The poll also found Trump's well-received speech to Congress last week did not change the results. The only issue where Trump earns predominantly positive reviews is his handling of the economy, with 55 percent approving.

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence has a 47 percent favorable view. Congress' approval rating of 28 percent may seem dismal, but that's the highest it's been in the CNN poll since 2009. 

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