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Police arrested seven people for distributing marijuana near the Capitolby Circa News

UPDATE 3:30 p.m. EST:

The United States Capitol Police arrested seven people near the Capitol for possession of marijuana, according to a statement obtained by Circa. 

Police said they made the arrests after witnessing several individuals distributing marijuana to passersby in public view.

The arrestees included six females and one male.  

WATCH| UPDATE 1:35 p.m. EST: Adam Eidinger, founder of pro-legalization group DCMJ, was arrested as activists handed out free joints outside the Capitol. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Advocates of legalizing marijuana are handing out free joints to Congressional staffers and reporters who work on Capitol Hill. 

Recreational marijuana is legal in D.C., and so is giving it away for free. However, the city government has been blocked by Congress from taxing pot or regulating its sale. 

Another protest is planned for Monday that may lead to arrests as smoking in public is still illegal in D.C. 4,200 joints were handed out in a separate protest on Inauguration Day.

Advocates showed their support on Twitter.

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