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The Yellowstone grizzly bear will be removed from the endangered species list
Brendan Dassey's attorneys filed a motion for his immediate release
Bill Cosby wants to hold seminars for teens on how to avoid sexual assault
British schoolboys wore skirts during heat wave to protest their school dress code
A high school teacher was arrested for sexually assaulting a special ed student
Michael Vick's father is charged with federal crimes including heroin distribution
The FBI has identified the suspect in the Flint, MI airport stabbing
Instagram-famous vet Dr. Evan Antin treats exotic animals ...and cute puppies and kittens
A minor league baseball team apologized for mocking Tim Tebow's Christianity
Kim and Kanye reportedly will pay a surrogate $45,000 to carry their third child
Stephen Hawking said humans 'need to leave Earth' to survive
Bono paid tribute to Steve Scalise at a Maryland concert
Minnesota officials released dashcam video from the Philando Castile shooting
This Trump swimsuit is sure to turn a few heads