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A British dad may have used welfare money to fund a family trip to join ISISby Circa News
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A former suspect in a gang murder who, according to family, became radicalized in prison may have used welfare money to fund his family's journey to Syria to join ISIS.

Shahan Choudhury has since joined radical Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, The Times of London reports. At least a dozen disciples of Choudary have joined ISIS, despite being on the radar of British police.  Choudhury, a London resident,  spent 18 months in jail awaiting trial after being charged with the murder of Karl Hamilton in 2005. He was acquitted in 2007.

"He was just like any other Western kid ... But by the time he came out he was going on about ... how the kuffar would all end up in the hellfire."

Anonymous relative

However, Choudhury was "brainwashed" during his time in prison, his family said. He married his wife Mehak in 2010. She was also radicalized according to reports and started mingling with fundamentalist groups. 

Choudhury is believed to have left for Syria in late 2015, with Mehak and their three young children leaving in early 2016. They reportedly disappeared overnight, leaving all their possessions behind.

Choudhury's landlady said Mehak had received monthly housing benefit payments of about 1,000 pounds ($1,234) that were not passed along in rent.

Here's a look at Choudhury's mugshot.

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