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Do you have the luck of the Irish? Share your St. Patty's green with Circa News

Everybody dresses up in green to show their St. Patty's Day spirit every year on March 17th.  A day to revel in the Irish culture and drink a little green beer. The first St. Patrick's day was held in New York City on March 17, 1762.

Irish families have traditionally celebrated the feast of St. Patrick as a religious holiday for thousands of years, a great pause during the Christian season of Lent when prohibitions were lifted for one day of dancing, drinking and feasting on meat. Corned beef and cabbage anyone?

We want to see your St. Patty's green.  We'll post your best Leprechaun-Shamrock-Irish style.


Lucky Charms!

Shamrock Styles

Green Chocolate Pancakes???