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The Oscars' ending overshadowed everything else. Especially the political Circa News

SOUND OFF HERE | Do you think the arts should be involved in politics?

The Oscars, which typically celebrate the artistry of filmmakers, came with a healthy dose of politics last night. But the confusion over the Best Picture winner overshadowed a lot of it. 

The arts have played a major role in starting conversations and, sometimes, movements. In the aftermath of a contentious election, many celebrities are using their voices, fame and artistic platforms to denounce President Trump.

That awkward moment when "La La Land" momentarily received "Moonlight's" Oscar... Here's where politics went out the window and the social media firestorm began!  

From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, we’ve seen celebrities throw shots at the president. 

Here's a look at some tweets with political twists.

The election jokes are alive and well.

This was what a lot of people were thinking.

The disses never end.