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Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey was finally found. It was in Circa News

It was the one nagging annoyance on an otherwise massive day for Tom Brady. The New England Patriots star's Super Bowl jersey disappeared the night he won it all. 

On Monday, more than a month after the historic comeback, the jersey was found in Mexico, Fox News reported. Since it was valued at $500,000, if it was indeed stolen, that would count as a first-degree felony. Brady said he put his jersey in a locker room and found it missing when he returned.

The investigation also found Brady's Super Bowl XLIX jersey. 

Here's the NFL's statement.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the jersey had been recovered Monday morning.

The jersey was in the hands of a member of the media, per the NFL's statement.

The FBI was involved in the investigation since the jersey was in another country.

Naturally, sports Twitter had its memes ready.

The potential media ties added to the intrigue.

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