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FBI confirmed there's no evidence Trump was wiretapped by the Obama administrationby Circa News

UPDATE 2:28 p.m. EST:

In a moment sure to please millions of football fans, Comey said "I hate the New England Patriots" during his hearing before Congress.

Comey was using an analogy to describe what Russia thought of Hillary Clinton when he let his hatred of the Super Bowl champions slip. 

Here's the clip in context.

He was quickly applauded on Twitter.

UPDATE 12:51 p.m. EST:

President Trump's official Twitter account, @POTUS,  tweeted several clips from the congressional hearing with Comey. The tweets appeared to be used as evidence that the Trump administration did not collude with Russia. No tweets acknowledged that Comey said there was no evidence that Trump had been wiretapped. Additionally, Rogers and Comey said Russia's hack was meant to interfere with the election. The clip excerpted in Trump's "electoral process" tweet referred explicitly to interference with votes.

UPDATE 12:28 p.m. EST: The White House responded to the hearing.

Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone Jr. demanded a chance to respond to the hearing.

WikiLeaks touted the fact that Comey said they weren't directly tied to Russia.

UPDATE  11:08 a.m. EST:

NSA Director Michael Rogers said the agency did not ask the United Kingdom to spy on Trump, despite White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claiming that it had.  British officials called those claims "ridiculous."

UPDATE 11:02 a.m. EST:

FBI Director James Comey said he had "no information" that President Trump was wiretapped by former President Obama's administration, despite his tweets of claims to the contrary. 

UPDATE 10:37 a.m. EST:

NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers said there was no evidence that Russian hackers had changed vote counts in several states. 

UPDATE 10:32 a.m. EST:

Comey confirmed that the FBI was investigating any possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign as part of its investigation into Russian interference. 

However, he said he was not able to say more about how that investigation was being carried out in an open session of Congress. He did brief some congressional leaders, including House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). 

"Please don't draw any conclusions from the fact that I say I can't comment on certain issues."

James Comey

UPDATE 10:31 a.m. EST:

During his lengthy preamble, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee rattled off a list of people with ties to both Trump and Russia. 

He said it was possible those were all coincidences, but that "we owe it to America" to find out the truth.