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The Congressional Budget Office estimates 23 million people uninsured by 2026
A false nuclear warning was broadcast to TVs in New Jersey
Fox News retracted its story on the investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich
Two men were publicly caned 83 times for engaging in sexual relations in Indonesia
Animal advocates say healthy pets are being euthanized for their owners' convenience
MMA fighter Vanessa Melo fought a match while she was pregnant
A senior at a Christian high school won't be allowed to walk because she's pregnant
Trump branded those responsible for the Ariana Grande concert attack 'evil losers'
Chelsea Handler said Melania would be an 'American hero' if she divorced Donald Trump
Circa Renaissance: Benjamin Crump on the key to success
NASA ordered up urgent spacewalking repairs at the International Space Station
Former MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden has died after a cycling accident
Ford replaced its CEO with the man leading the company's self-driving car effort
A stabbing at the University of Maryland is being investigated as a hate crime