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Without immediate aid, thousands of East Africans will starve within a monthby Stephanie Abrams
Circa Cares

A new drought has left millions in Ethiopia in urgent need for food, water and medical care. Funding problems have delayed and minimized aid. The crisis has gotten so bad that Ethiopia's government is asking for $948 million in international aid.  

Save the Children, a nonprofit providing aid in East Africa, says this crisis is impacting children the most, and thousands will die within months if they don't get help now. They are asking for donations and child sponsorships.

Queen Elizabeth's spokesman confirmed this week that she is making a personal donation to relieve starvation in East Africa.

"The window of opportunity to avert a hunger crisis is rapidly closing."

Margaret Schuler, VP of World Vision East Africa

World Vision, a Chrisitan relief organization, is now working to address the most-acute needs focusing first on the children at risk.  They're amongst the aid groups responding on the ground in all four countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan. They report the crisis is impacting 22 million in East Africa. Click here to help their efforts.

The crisis has also recently compounded with refugees arriving from neighboring Somalia. Disease outbreaks affecting livestock is adding complications.

The U.S. Government recently committed an additional $131 million including nearly $88 million from USAID’s Office of Food for Peace for in-kind food assistance and more than $43 million from USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance.

But sadly, it's not enough. Again, here's a list of active organizations on the ground in East Africa approved by Charity Navigator. This is video recently released by the associated press showing the lines of hungry families waiting for help.

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