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The University of Washington is under fire for letting a research monkey die of thirstby Circa News
Circa Cares

The  University of Washington was cited by federal regulators for letting a monkey it was using for research purposes die of thirst.

An inspection report from January, reported Tuesday by The Seattle Times, said an 8-year-old pigtail macaque was found "lethargic" and "severely dehydrated" during a Jan. 8 inspection.  The monkey died 40 minutes later. 

It had not had any water for at least two days. 

"This is an event that shouldn't have happened. It's something we truly regret."

Mike Mustari, University of Washington

The technician responsible for checking on the monkey resigned.

The school is building an underground animal research lab worth $142 million, the Times reported.

It's the fifth time UW has been cited for cruelty toward research animals.

  • In 2015, three monkeys died after being fitted with skull and vertebral implants.
  • In 2014, three monkeys were placed in cages near adults males who attacked them.
  • In 2013 and 2014, staff did not give painkillers to rabbits and guinea pigs that underwent surgery.
  • In 2011, the university was fined $10,893 for letting another pigtal macaque starve to death.

Animal rights activists were not happy.

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