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After this dog lost her litter in a fire, serendipity landed her a set of foster pups by Marianna Kheyfets
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WATCH|  The hunt was on for foster puppies for a mama dog after she lost her entire litter in a barn fire earlier this week in Roseburg, Oregon. Two-year-old Daisy, a Great Pyrenees mix, gave birth to seven puppies just three weeks ago.  They all perished along with four goats and two pigs.

Daisy's family says she is distraught over the loss of her puppies and now they're trying to help heal her broken heart.

"She just goes down to the barn and just sits there and tries to look for them still. She quit eating."

Christine Nelson

"She's just been so sad and so heartbroken,” said Christine Nelson.

"She just whines at my sister now," added Jacque Barnett, the owner's sister.

After the story ran on local news, the owner of a dog who died in surgery trying to give birth to pups was inspired. Deanna Murphy-Vest's entire family had been struggling to keep eight puppies fed around the clock. 

They now knew the dog for the job. Daisy met the 10-day old border collie puppies on Friday. As Daisy is half border collie herself, her owner proclaimed that the dog was "in heaven" over the addition of the new pups.