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Using her abuela's salsa recipe, this chef is helping people in needby Stephanie Abrams
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Lisa Vigil was inspired by her grandmother's salsa recipe and her family tradition of sharing, to create a line of salsas for the sole purpose of helping others in need. She donates 100% of the profits to charity.

Vigil's company, Estolia's Food Products, is named after her grandmother who fled the the U.S. during The Mexican Revolution. "My Abuela never left the kitchen, and I'm carrying on that tradition," said Vigil.

Lisa started her food company in 2011, but launched Salsa Saves Lives  only five months ago. Each jar is dedicated to raising money for a charity that's close to her heart.

Leukemia - Classic

Lisa's father passed away from Leukemia, so this is another disease she is dedicated to helping find a cure for.  Profits from this salsa go to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Hunger - Pineapple Salsa 

Profits from this salsa go to help the homeless and feed the hungry.  So far, she's donated to LA on Cloud 9.

In just a few months her salsas have raised $2000 dollars for charity.  However she's hoping to raise much more now that she's secured distribution. She says she's in negotiations with two national grocery chains.  

What to try them?

You can purchase Estolia's salsa at or on Amazon. If you're in Los Angeles this weekend, you can meet Lisa and try her salsa at the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood.

Want to see what they're cooking?  Follow Estolia's on instagram @Estolias.