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How a painting of Jesus inspired students to provide mani/pedis for the homelessby Marianna Kheyfets
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Liberty University nursing students are getting "hands on with feet." They partnered with the Lynchburg Salvation Army in Virginia, to give a little pampering to those who need it most in conjunction with a program called the Hands and Feet Clinic.

Those with the School of Nursing, who run the service, said the painting of Jesus washing one of his disciples' feet served as their inspiration.

The painting hangs in the hallway as a reminder of their mission.

"When I walk out of there, I'm so proud I'm just lifted up, and thinking wow, they care about us so much. These students are so loving. It's really uplifting."

Barbara Harris, Lynchburg Salvation Army resident

Nursing is a ministry of caring for people from all walks of life. The nursing students started the service in the spring of 2016 and the turnout has increased with every event.

Dr. Heather Humphreys, with the School of Nursing, said it's a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

"We're working with people who sometimes use their feet as the primary means of transportation, and those feet get pretty worn out, so to have someone who's not unwilling to touch their feet and clean them and offer a kind word or prayer seems to be really meaningful," she said.

Homeless people who attend more than two Hands and Feet clinic sessions qualify for a free pair of shoes. Thanks to a grant given to Liberty's nursing school, they will be distributing the shoes on March 22.