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Let the pranks begin, send us your most outrageous 'Pre-April Fool's' joke
Mike Pence once said he won't eat with women other than his wife. Shots were fired.
Two White House officials reportedly played a role in giving Nunes intelligence documents
An EPA press release praising Trump's climate order featured a statement bashing it
Carl's Jr. and Hardee's won't use sexy ladies in their burger ads anymore
Krispy Kreme's April Fools' joke has already fooled way too many people
A TSA agent missed a loaded handgun in a passenger's carry-on bag
Trump said Republicans 'must fight' the Freedom Caucus. They're also Republicans.
Cards Against Humanity's creator wants to share every member of Congress' internet history
Obama's Cabinet reportedly kept Comey from sharing Russian election hack info last summer
Putin botched a famous US presidential quote in denying Russian election hacks
Trump's revised travel ban was blocked indefinitely by a federal judge
An American Airlines co-pilot died in the cockpit as his plane was preparing to land
The Energy Department's climate office reportedly banned the phrase 'climate change'