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A cargo plane crash in a Kyrgyzstan village killed dozens of people
Trump said his healthcare plan will have 'insurance for everybody'
Trump bashed the head of the CIA who said he didn't 'fully understand' the Russian threat
Police released video of officers tackling a man suspected of stealing a car. It was his.
An FBI's Most Wanted suspect, a man wanted for double murder, was arrested in Texas
You too can have Melania Trump's skin, but it'll cost you $450 a bottle.
After John Lewis was bashed by Trump, sales of his books went through the roof
The NFL reportedly is still investigating Ezekiel Elliott's assault allegations
A Mississippi city called MLK Day 'Great Americans Day.' It did not go well.
Mike Pence called John Lewis' criticism of Trump 'disappointing'
A weeklong marathon of gaming speedruns raised more than $2 million to fight cancer
Rand Paul revealed a replacement for Obamacare
China said it won't negotiate 'One China' policy despite Trump saying it's on the table
A man was charged with arson after a Seattle mosque was badly damaged in a fire