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The US Air Force Thunderbirds will not fly at the Dayton Air Show after an earlier crash
Hackers attempted to infiltrate the British Parliament's email system
This dog was crowned the ugliest dog in the world at annual competition
Judge declared a mistrial in the fatal shooting of unarmed black motorist Sam DuBose
The Yellowstone grizzly bear will be removed from the endangered species list
North Korea denied it cruelly treated or tortured American detainee Otto Warmbier
Brendan Dassey's attorneys filed a motion for his immediate release
British schoolboys wore skirts during heat wave to protest their school dress code
Bill Cosby wants to hold seminars for teens on how to avoid sexual assault
QB Derek Carr is rolling in the dough after becoming the NFL’s highest-paid player
The 'Pizzagate' gunman is sentenced to four years imprisonment
Instagram-famous vet Dr. Evan Antin treats exotic animals ...and cute puppies and kittens
A high school teacher was arrested for sexually assaulting a special ed student
Trump said he doesn't have tapes of his conversations with James Comey